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Brand-New is making noise out of Utah, Oregon, and the whole West Coast with his unique sound and lyricism that tells a message about life you want to hear. Brand-New was born In Utah and started with his talent for freestyle rapping/singing as young as 12, writing and making music as an outlet, he soon realized he had a skill he needed to keep working towards every day, being Inspired by artists all the way from Frank Sinatra and Black sabbath to Eminem, Blackbear and Kevin Gates, he was influenced by many genres and beyond diverse. Writing song’s as he grew older, with no place to record, he focused mainly on perfecting his craft, and although obtaining and battling a severe addiction had slowed him down and left him homeless he decided it was time to invest it all, become sober, focus, and put 100% into his music. That is when he created BadHabbitRecords. Since then he has paved his own lane, created his own style, and worked with Local artists from his state such as Agustist King on the single "100", Zac Ivie on another single "Pressure" and collaborated with Kansas's very own T-Rell on a soulful song titled "mission." As an Independent artist with the drive and passion of a whole team, there is no telling where Brand-New will go next.




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